When should you share news with the media exclusively?
It’s business nature to try to reduce your risk as far as possible, and when you think about putting all your eggs in one basket, you’re probably thinking; “that’s a no from me”. In many situations, we’d agree with you.  Putting your story in the hands of one publication can seem risky because what if they run the story incorrectly, or they don’t run it at all? But, in contrast, when you Read More
3 consumer behaviour trends to guide your PR approach in 2021
The pandemic made two things very clear for startups and scaleups. First, a rock-solid communications strategy and crisis communication plan are essential for not only managing a crisis and staying in business but also coming out of a situation (possibly in a stronger position). Second, adapting and pivoting is your only survival option.  Adapting to fast-changing environments is essential because let’s face it, consumer trends can change at the drop of the Read More
When you’re planning to launch your startup, there is a lot of pressure. You’re going to want to dive headfirst into marketing, messaging and getting news out to all the publications as soon as possible, but you’re going to have to resist this urge.  Before you can run, you need to crawl, and crawling does not need to slow you down but rather it needs to help you get the right foundations Read More
If you’re looking to get published as a startup in the EU, you’ve got hundreds of platforms to choose from. From large digital platforms to smaller, niched print publications; the choices are vast. The real decision, however, is choosing the right publication and platforms to suit your message and business.  What to do before you start pitching?  #1: Find out if your story is really newsworthy? Before you go full steam ahead, Read More
Raise your hand if you’ve ever dived headfirst into strategies without building foundations to support your process? In most areas of your startup, you conduct viability tests and then adapt. The same approach should be adopted when looking at your PR strategy.  Conduct a DIY PR Audit or hire a specialist to guide your strategy and ensure your startup gets the right news coverage to meet your business goals.  What is a Read More
By Bianca Zwart I’ve been in the industry for some time now, and in the various areas Black & White Communications operates in, we have seen how certain pitches worked better than others and how it got picked up by the media.  Being mentioned in online magazines, newspapers, or other platforms is not always as ‘organic’ as you think. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes to ensure the Read More
When something good happens in your startup, you jump on the phone to your publicist and want to get it out, right there and then, but when something terrible happens, we shut down the flow of information immediately. Yes, failure is unpleasant, but it is reality. Turning that reality into an angle can result in meaningful content that the media might be interested in. Here’s how failure can be great PR for Read More
scale up vs startup:what is the difference?
Scale up or startup: what’s the difference? Within the tech ecosystem, there is a lot of jargon that you’re going to want to understand. From venture capital and seeding to startups and scale ups, there is so much to absorb, so let’s dive in and understand a fundamental difference in tech lexicon. We’ve started to understand what a startup is and what a startup mindset can do for your business, but scale Read More
The “startup mindset” is an innovative approach to running and scaling businesses. The startup mentality focuses on agile strategies that were typically fostered in small companies and adapted into a way of doing business. An approach large firms should aim to adopt to stay relevant in an ever-changing business environment.  Thanks in large part to disruptive companies like Airbnb, Uber and Facebook, the startup mindset is now part of the modern business Read More