Why do startups need pr to achieve success
If you’re a startup and you’ve ever had thought, “we should be getting featured in TechCrunch” and believe that you do not need PR, then I am sorry to say, it’s going to be a slower process than you think.  As a startup, you need to create awareness, a positive brand image while attracting customers, partners, investors, and top talents as well as simultaneously establishing trust and credibility. In today’s competitive environment, Read More
Quick, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear, “startup”? If you’re picturing Jesse Eisenberg sitting in a dorm room with his peers working on Facebook, then you’re on the right track but (sorry to say) you’re in the wrong lane.  The startup environment is a fast-paced, high risk, high reward, intensely modern way of doing business and startups build the future economy. If people want to succeed Read More
Remember when Oreo won the Super Bowl XLVII with their blackout Tweet during the third quarter? When a power outage caused the lights of the Superdome to go out for power 34 minutes, and the sandwich cookie’s team tweeted an ad that read, “Power Out? No problem” with the caption reading, “You can still dunk in the dark”. This power move resulted in more than 15000 retweets and more than 20 000 Read More
  What marks changes in eras? Throughout the ages, some markers start and end chapters in the history books. COVID-19 has created a marker on which we see the world before and after the pandemic.  Instant information will guide businesses, and if harnessed correctly, this will determine which companies remain relevant, and thrive in a post- COVID-19 world. Companies will need to connect to their audiences like never before.  But what does Read More
You’re creating great content, but nobody reads it. You’re spending money on advertising, but there is no increase in your sales. You’re rolling your eyes at this point because you think we’re going to tell you that you have to go through another drawn-out strategising exercise, but let’s keep calm and accept that you need a communication plan, not a new business.  Communication plans are crucial for achieving success. Still unsure about Read More
A crisis in today’s age ranges from data breaches, bad tweets and rumours, to false accusations and product failures. This wide range means you’ll need a response to whatever goes wrong, and you’ll need that response pronto.  If you think you won’t face a crisis with your company, think again. We are all human, we all make mistakes. Here are 5 tips to manage your next crisis.  Be Quick. Be Smart.  You Read More
  Your story is fantastic! It’s revolutionary, unique and everyone will want to read it, right? Or wait, maybe not. I exist, therefore I am newsworthy. Wasn’t that Descartes’ his famous saying? Wrong. There are always reasons why your story is not getting picked up by mainstream media, or media in general.  Answer these 4 quick questions to see if your story is considered news before contacting journalists, creating pitches and pushing Read More