The startup mindset for PR with Bianca Zwart






The startup mindset course is based on the popular term and ways of working defined by Eric Reis in The Lean Startup. In this course, we dive into applying this startup mindset to one of your core processes: PR.

This course will give you a solid foundation of the startup mindset and guide you through applying Pioneer Academy’s strategic principles to innovate at a faster pace, reduce overhead and build a public reputation that fits your vision without losing valuable time.

Together with Bianca Zwart, the founder of Black & White Communications and Pioneer Academy, you will be guided through the principles and methods you need to streamline your PR at startup speed.


Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to develop their PR startup mindset, founders or anyone who is working in a fast-paced startup or scale-up. If you’re working at a corporate and you’re looking for a fast-paced, innovative approach to improve your processes, then this is also the course for you.

What is included in the course?

Comprehensive video lessons that will help you unlock your PR startup mindset. Guides, templates and resources to put your newly acquired skills into practice.

How is this course structured?

In true startup fashion; short, sweet and simple. No unnecessary wasting of time. Over 6 in-depth video lessons, you will be guided through Pioneer Academy’s PR startup mindset principles. You will receive summaries, quizzes, guides & templates as part of your course.

Is this course on Pioneer Academy?

Yes, for all Pioneer Academy subscribers, this course can be found in your portal. You have full access to all content for the duration of your membership.

Can I purchase this course without being a member of Pioneer Academy?

Yes, you can purchase this course for €249.00 and have lifetime access to it without being a member of Pioneer Academy.

How much is the course?

€249.00 which gives you access to it forever.

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