The Pioneer Academy

On-Demand Courses to Help You Grow Your Startup in The Media

Everything you need to know about getting published in the press, becoming a more confident professional with PR savviness and setting up your in-house PR Machine. 


To Get Your Startup in the Press and Hit Your Business Goals, You Have to Master the Basics of PR & Communications.

But There’s a Problem…


Outsourcing is expensive

Nobody has given you a clear plan to set up an in-house PR process

You’ve seen zero results from previous PR agencies

You don’t have time to spend 1000’s of hours looking through YouTube videos to learn the skills

Most training tools are boring and ineffective

Startups need a completely different PR approach compared to traditional big corporates and you don’t have a tailored plan to build your reputation. 


The Pioneer Academy has everything you need to get your business in the press all in one place at a fraction of the cost.

Your Pioneer Academy subscription includes: 


Unlimited Access to ALL courses

Workouts & Guides

1 hour consult with a PR specialist

Monthly Content Bundles

Live Discussions and insights from industry experts

Live feedback tool where you submit work for PR experts to offer assistance.

Support, cheerleading and the insights you need to achieve business growth in the media.  

Your Plan for Growing Your Business & Getting In The Press.


The market is flooded with self-help online courses, bloated training platforms and personality-driven hype. You don’t have time and money to buy each course and see if it is actually sharing anything of value or information you don’t already know. 

You need a crystal clear plan, that is value-driven, cost-effective, data-driven and is guaranteed to get you published and grow your business. 

The Pioneer Academy is all about giving the knowledge and tools to generate leads and convert them through the power of the press. If you and your team understand the basics of public relations, communication and working with the press, you won’t waste anymore time and money. Instead, your business will thrive. 

Every Course Makes It Simple to Master Key PR & Communication Skills.

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