A PR Audit is an inspection of all your PR processes and goals to find the success factors & limitations in these processes. ⁠

An audit of this kind will help you understand your current foundation and your point of departure. if you don’t know what your point of departure is, you will have a hard time navigating your way when scaling up. ⁠

You will need to define your objectives and what you are seeking to achieve. ⁠

The audit will tell you if you are currently using the correct strategies and vehicles to reach your goals. ⁠

You might discover that you need to tweak your messages rather than your vehicles/channels.⁠

An audit will also give you a clear, top of mind, overview of what worked and what didn’t in the countries you have launched in already. ⁠

This will ensure you avoid repeating the same mistake.⁠

Download this template to get started here.



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