What is executive brand building (and why does it matter?)

It’s not a secret nor a surprise that people choose to buy from people they trust. Whether this is retail, an investment into a startup or where you go for dinner, we spend our money on products and services we feel we can trust. 

Without spending time and energy cultivating trust, your startup or scaleup probably won’t get the media, investor or customer attention you’re looking for. 

That’s where executive brand building comes in. 

So what is executive brand building? 

As an executive, you have a personal brand, whether you cultivate it or not. It’s out there; on Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, in traditional media or even in real life. The question is, do you want your personal brand to take a life of its own or to shape it and control the narrative. 

A personal brand is the unique combination of skills, experiences and worldviews that make you who you are. Effective personal branding will differentiate you from the competition and allow you to build trust with prospective clients and employees. 

Why does a personal brand matter?

There are dozens of reasons to invest time and resources into building a personal brand but to save your time, here are the three reasons that actually matter; 

  1. Credibility 

As an executive, you are connected to your business. Your role is not to ‘sell’ the product or service your business provides. In fact, it isn’t about this at all. Instead, you’re building credibility to have a voice in the industry and ultimately move the industry conversation forward. 

  1. Investor and customer awareness

By establishing credibility through your content and opinions, you are giving your investors and customers a direct line to understanding what you stand for and what they are investing in. In many cases, executives with a strong public presence generate interest from potential investors for their company. 

  1. Trust 

People buy from people they trust. That’s why, as an executive, you are your brand’s biggest asset. Building your story and gaining trust, therefore, is paramount in building your company’s public reputation and establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Executive brand building is our expertise. 

We’ve built personal brands for numerous influential tech entrepreneurs in Europe. At the same time, we’ve trained these leaders to become media pros through drilling techniques and coaching to polish their skills continuously.

Why are we good at what we do? It’s simple: we don’t bullshit. We’re not here to kiss your arse, we’re here to make you better.

From our years of experience in branding startup founders, we have developed an approach that works and positions you publicly as a trustworthy face of your company.

But, that doesn’t mean we apply one size fits nobody tactics. Instead, we tailor our strategies to your personality, vision and goals and ensure that you are on the right stages, telling the right story.
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