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How Not To F*ck Up Your Next Crisis Interview

One day you, your business, or one of your employees will f*ck up. If you’re convinced that you will never make a mistake or that no one will care when you do, then please just cease your business operations. 

Or you can continue reading this quick guide (the wise thing to do) and find out how to handle your crisis interview when the camera is pointed at you.

We’ve analysed this recent interview  with Robinhood CEO, Vlad Tenev and took out 5 important lessons for you to keep in mind for your next crisis interview.

The Starter Pack ​​

Download the Templates you need to get started on your PR process. 

Top Tip: Download this before starting the courses. 

  1. Press Release Templates
  2. DIY PR Audit Checklist
  3. Scaling Beyond Borders Insights with Bianca Zwart
  4. Crisis Communications Plan Template

Press Release Templates

Need a little help with your next press release? Download these templates to help you get started. Remember to upload your press release in your My Document section for us to review. 

Communication Plan Template

Use this template to map out your startup’s approach to your audience, brand, channels, metrics and objectives. 

PR Audit Template

  • Define your objectives, what are you seeking to achieve?
  • It will tell you if you are currently using the correct strategies and vehicles to reach your goals.  
  • You’ll have a clear, top of mind, overview of what worked and what didn’t in the countries → so you can avoid repeating the same mistake.

Branding For Purpose Workshop

Branding for purpose is a course built to help guide new or existing brands to find their purpose and lead with it. Whether you’re a startup or an already established business, branding should be present in every stage of your business. This course curates all the best tools and models to help you find your customer, position your brand, find your uniqueness and credibility, establish a personality, and define your strategies.

Scaling Beyond Borders

Want to scale beyond your current border? Get insights from Bianca Zwart, who has scaled across Europe while Head of PR for bunq.